Florence JULLIEN puts into practice her know-how
and professionalism offering you:

• Canvas painting (realism, hyperrealism, abstract painting, etc., personal production and work to order
• Mural, panoramic, and ceiling (skies) painting
• Trompe-l’œil
• Metal, semi-precious stone and ceramic imitations
• Wood and marble imitation
• Ornamentation, rosaces, friezes
• Patina
• Three-dimensional work, sculpture, modelling
• Mural painting restoration
• Interior decoration advice

> Meticulous and skilled work:

• The style variety and quality of her work offers a whole range of possibilities. Florence Jullien draws her inspiration from various cultures and periods (mock-antique style, Renaissance, oriental, ethnic, hyperrealism, abstract, contemporary, etc.). She reveals her talents in creations ranging from the most classic to the most contemporary styles.
• Seeking harmony, the secret links between forms and colors, materials and space
• Traditional (lime oil, casein, mineral, etc.) and contemporary techniques

> Originality:

• Unique and personalized creations, in intimate balance with the customer and his environment
• A new conception of space which generates a transformation for new, innovative vision and feeling

> Adaptability:

• An approach attentive to environment and demand
• Advice and proposals (the project is conceived and created on a scale model)

> Reliability: Respect for estimate and deadline


Advice in interior decoration (creation of living spaces)
Creating teams of qualified professionals in correspondance with the project size

Works in decoration, creation and restoration are intended for:

• Individuals wanting to give a touch of originality and harmony to their environment
• Companies, luxurious hotels, restaurants, etc. wishing to personnalize their image and to develop their clientele due to a welcoming and attractive environment
• Local and national communities, for interior or exterior decoration
• The administrators of national heritage, castles, churches, requiring mural painting, sky, door, chimney (etc.) restoration